AOL And MSN Suck

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A new study that looked at how happy people are with their ISPs has found that the two companies we all love to hate can’t get their ISPs straight either. That’s right, the two worst ISPs for customer quality are AOL and MSN. Is this really a surprise? They get the most disconnects, the worst connecting problems, and the worst customer service. And, people continue to pay more for such wonderful service.

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Comments on “AOL And MSN Suck”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Maybe it's the users?

Did you stop to think that since AOL and MSN are offering either very cheap or rebate driven services that it might affect their user base? As in, they’re attracting the idiots and that they complain about all kinds of stupid stuff?

Let’s be cynical for a moment and assume that the ISPs know this and are deliberately providing a crappy level of service. There seems to be an inexhaustible supply of nitwits; why would they even pause to care about them being happy customers?

Sounds like a good plan albeit not one I’d care to follow.

Ed says:

Re: Maybe it's the users?

The top ISP in the survey, AT&T Worldnet, has some very cheap plans, like $4.95/month if you don’t mind being pestered by ads, so that doesn’t support your theory. However, I think that AOL is probably in a class of its own when it comes to attracting customers who just shouldn’t be allowed to use a computer. (I don’t mean that all AOL users are like this.) MSN has had some email problems, as mentioned in the article, and that probably counts for a lot of their low rating.

Personally, I think that all the major ISPs suck. Note how a third of the customers of the high-ranked ISPs also experienced problems! I used to use Worldnet, before I got @Home, and I considered the service barely adequate. @Home is worse on some things; its email has been so unreliable I don’t use it any more, preferring the POP server on a separate virtual web host account.

Dipshit Dan says:


I have been using AT&T’s MediaOne (soon to be @Home) Cable for the past two years or so. I have to hand it to them, for an ISP with such a bad wrap, especially in the cable and broadband services dept. I’m very happy.

It’s always fast and almost never down, and if it goes down they take care of it onetime. Go AT&T/MediaOne…

The only complaint is the fuckin’ price, which is high… But hey, I get a good service, so bah.

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