Tampa Face-Picking System Gets The Wrong Man Already

from the that-was-quick dept

I didn’t post any of the original stories when people went crazy over the Tampa test of the face recognition cameras. That story was being discussed to death in plenty of other places. However, today I came across a fun little story about how that system has already picked out the wrong man. If you want an example of why the technology is questionable, this could be it. Though, actually, it wasn’t the technology that caused this. The Tampa police had released a photo to news organizations demonstrating the system. Some woman saw the photo in a magazine and decided that the man in the photo was her ex-husband who was wanted for child neglect. The police went after the man – who turned out to be the wrong guy. Not exactly the best demonstration of this new system. The guy, understandably, is pissed off. Wouldn’t you be pissed off if your photo was being used in newspapers and magazines everywhere as an example how to catch crooks?

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