Company Sponsored Children

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A couple tried to auction off the naming rights to their son to any company willing to pay in the range of $500,000. They were hoping for a little baby Microsoft, Intel, or Cisco apparently. However, no one bid the required amount in their eBay auction, so the poor little unsponsored kid will go through life with the name Zane. The article mentions that a study has shown that 50% of all parents would be willing to name their kid after a sponsoring company for half a million dollars (of course, they never said how many actual couples would agree – because if you just have one of the two parents in each situation agreeing there could be some problems). The Register seems shocked by all of this corporate baby naming, but they’ve apparently forgotten all about the saga of baby IUMA (if you don’t remember, a now defunct dot com gave away money to the first 10 families that named their kids IUMA).

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