eBayers Try Not To Be Smug

from the surviving dept

In an article that can’t help, some early employees at eBay talk about how they never had the crazy perks that other dot coms had, and now they can be happy with the simple things like free soda and massages while all the other (dead) dot coms are auctioning off their oxygen bars and black leather sofas. They say that eBay’s continued success through the downturn has strained their relationships with others they know at failed dot coms. This is the part that strikes me as odd. I know plenty of people who did very well and who did poorly over the past few years of dot com insanity – and I don’t think my relationships with any of them could be described as “strained”. I’m happy for those who did well, and I know the ones who got into trouble are (mostly) smart enough to land on their feet. I really couldn’t care less beyond that.

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