eBay Sues BidBay

from the battle-of-the-Bays dept

eBay is suing another auction site, BidBay, claiming that BidBay stole their look and feel and is purposely confusing users. At first, I thought this was typical heavy handed tactics against a smaller competitor. Then, I went and looked at BidBay, which looks almost exactly like eBay (though, actually, I think BidBay made a few small improvements on the eBay concept). Still, it seems pretty obvious how people could be confused. The article also notes that the founders of BidBay bought the domain from someone who sold it on eBay. They also mention that one of the BidBay VPs was a former Congressman who was forced to quit when he was caught lying about fighting in the Korean War. I’m not exactly clear what that has to do with the case being discussed here, but apparently the Associated Press thinks its relevant info that is probably intended to make people think that BidBay must be a group of lying bastards or something.

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