Computer Program Tells You If Poets Are Suicidal

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Ah, here’s an article that was made for this topic. Some researchers in Texas have written a computer program that will analyze poems to see if the poet is suicidal. Apparently, suicidal poets tend to use the words “me”, “I” and “my” slightly more than your everyday, healthy, well-adjusted poets. So, be careful with the friend who shows you the poem entitled “Me, myself, and I”. It’s good to see computers being put to good use these days.

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Comments on “Computer Program Tells You If Poets Are Suicidal”

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another Mike says:

I don't know...

When I read an article about this earlier in the week, I didn’t get the impression that it was all that stupid. A psychologist was looking for insights into the thoughts of people who commit suicide. He found some interesting differences between the writings of the poets who committed suicide vs. the poets who did not. These differences may yeild some clues to the thought processes suicidal people. The Register implies that all the analysis is good for is predicting which poets are going to kill themselves. They completely dismiss the idea that any useful information could be obtained from this study that could apply to the general population. The Register doesn’t give any of the details from the study which, I feel, gave it credibility. IMHO, very poor journalism.

dasee says:

Re: I don't know...

having gone through a suicidal phase
actually been caught in a wild daze
crazily attempting to inflict harm
with a blade on an unsuspecting arm

by the same hand that left off writing why
happen you read its verses by and by
you’d scarcely find a reference to see
perchance how these lines continue to be

flowing and showing up in such places
words written to anonymous faces
is they deflect away from what?s hidden
even though compelled to tell unbidden

don?t expect to find through analysis
examining what you?ve been led to miss

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