Iomega's New Peerless Drive

from the actually-sounds-pretty-cool dept

The NY Times (Oh my goodness! They want you to register! The horror!) takes a look at Iomega’s Peerless drive. They compare it to the Zip drive, due to the obvious similarities (removable, portable storage). However, the Peerless goes much further. First, it’s an entire IBM hard drive included in the case. Also, it’s a much bigger drive, holding 10 to 20 Gigs. Those are nice, but the really cool features are that larger drives will fit in the same box – meaning you won’t have to go out and buy a new one when 20 Gigs seems just too small. Then, the best part is that the base plate connectors can change as well. So, when USB goes away, you’ll just need to buy the new connector base plate, and attach that – rather than having to buy an entirely new drive. Of course, there’s a price for all this (these things are somewhat expensive), but I could see many applications this could be very useful for.

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