Change In Email Policy – Death To Virus Propagators

from the a-modest-proposal dept

xdroop writes “We discussed that the Anchordesk guy might have the right idea, just pointed in the wrong direction. So I wrote up a new policy. :)” If you don’t know what this is in reference to, xdroop is talking about the suggestion from earlier this week that virus writers need to die. His suggestion is that we should just kill the idiots who click on the viruses instead.

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Comments on “Change In Email Policy – Death To Virus Propagators”

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1 Comment
Joe Schmoe says:


I’m tired of this excusal of stupidity and alleviation of resposibility. I realize that yes, it does create headaches for those of us charged with the responsibility to clean up these users machines after the fact, but – if your dumb enough to walk out in front of a train, yer gonna get hit. Likewise, if yer dumb enough blindly click on every damn thing you see, yer gonna get “hit”.

We need to quit coddling people when they screw up their machines and spending our time on full restorations. Give them back a base install and make them deal with the reality of having lost their data due to their action.

Now, I will meet you half way and admit that good backup procedures would be better and help with restorations, but that aint gonna happen until the above has…

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