Never Trust A Research Firm

from the who-ever-did? dept

No one involved with startups or VCs ever would admit that they believed research reports from any of the random analyst groups out there. But, that never stopped them from paying for ridiculous reports with no basis in fact, just to throw some numbers around to investors and customers who didn’t know any better. Now suddenly (and finally!) it sounds like some of the research firms are taking a little heat for their useless (and wrong) predictions. I still think that there should be some sort of score card on how well these analysts score. Of course no one is going to be right all the time, but how often are they right? And when they’re wrong, just how wrong are they? Shouldn’t we be able to get that information?

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Comments on “Never Trust A Research Firm”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: No Subject Given

(sarcasm alert for the sarcasm impaired) Yes, I’m sure that no one who writes about technology knows anything about it at all. (end sarcasm)

Come on. Don’t be ridiculous. Sure, I’ll make fun of them for doing a bad job, but there are definitely people at those firms who know plenty about technology. It’s quite a blanket statement to say that they’re all complete idiots.

Now, if you had some proof… 🙂

Anyway, unlike you, I know plenty of people who know tons about technology who chose not to implement. In fact (oh my!) plenty of them like to write about technology. Hope I haven’t destroyed your world view.

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