Teens' Thoughts On Online Music

from the yes,-but-where-are-they? dept

Wired is reporting about a panel of teenagers at a conference about music and technology. The article claims the kids had some very insightful comments, but unfortunately, it seems the Wired reporter didn’t write any of them down. The “insightful” comments seem to be along the lines of “MTV is crap” and “Napster was cool”. I’m sure they said other stuff that was a lot more insightful, and I just wish I knew what it was. The writer did point out that this particular panel had a half-empty audience. This is particularly amusing since the conference was supposed to be about figuring out what consumers want in the world of digital music – and the one conference that had some real consumers didn’t draw any crowds. The article also mentions that Alanis Morissette gave a speech which sounds (from the short description in the Wired article) like she was doing her best imitation of Courtney Love.

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