Kill The Virus Writers

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David Coursey does not like viruses, apparently. In a fairly strongly worded column today he is advocating killing anyone who writes a virus. Now, it is a standard “modest proposal” sort of thing – and as such is a fun read. However, Coursey could do a lot more by telling people how to stop viruses, rather than using his column to vent his anger at virus writers – which doesn’t actually do any good.

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Comments on “Kill The Virus Writers”

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xdroop (user link) says:

No Subject Given

Oh come on. Teaching people how to deal with viruses? That’s been done. Again and again and again and again. It’s time for some ass-whooping.

Instead of killing the virus writers, we should be instituting the death penalty for anyone convicted of clicking on an email virus after being instructed in how to recognise them and not propogate them.

Scott says:

Much better idea

Automatic death penalty, carried out within 24 hours, no waiting for the following conviction:
Anyone who knowingly and willfully spreads any form of malicious code such as but not limited to Viruses, trojans,and knowledge gathering software without leagally binding consent from the reciever. Said offense must have a minumium pre determined number of cases and or proof of personal losses by the victims.
In the case of a corporation, said corporation shall have its business license revolked and all assets siezed by the government as is done with drug dealers.

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