Adobe Says To Free The Russian Programmer

from the too-little-too-late dept

After realizing that techies all over the world were incredibly pissed off at Adobe for having a Russian programmer arrested and charged with a federal crime, they’ve bowed to public pressure and have said that he should be released. The more you read about the details of the case the worse Adobe (and the government) looked for putting this guy in jail. It’s too bad that the case at least didn’t go to court where (hopefully) it would have come out how ridiculous the concept of the DMCA is. However, there’s no reason to have kept the poor guy in jail just to make a point. He hasn’t been released yet – as that’s up to the US Government. However, with the main company behind the case backing down, it’ll be tough to justify keeping the case going.

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Comments on “Adobe Says To Free The Russian Programmer”

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Phillip says:

Re: With increasing computing power

Eventually processing power will reach a point where ROT-13 can be decoded real-time. Surely PGP will fall shortly after that. Adobe have done their job of getting him locked up and giving all the evidence needed to procecute to the Feds. They can now retire gracefully from the proceedings and play the good guy and let the FBI take on the villain role. The damage has been done.

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