Michael Lewis Interview

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We’ve posted two NY Times articles by Michael Lewis in the past six months (one about the kid who made a ton of money as a stock scammer and another yesterday about the kid who pretended to be a lawyer online). Both of these stories are apparently from his latest book, called Next: The Future Just Happened. Salon is now running an interview with Michael Lewis about the book. It’s pretty interesting, in that he discusses how the internet is changing so much. Family structures and corporate structures all are being changed by the internet – and he considers this all to be good. I never read his last book, The New New Thing because it seemed too focused on the “cult” of Jim Clark, which I’m not particularly interested in (though I have always liked his writing style). This new book, however, looks like it’s more about looking into ideas, and how the internet changes things – which is much more intriguing to me.

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