Handheld Accessible ATMs

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Some new ATMs are being demonstrated – and they have no screen and no keyboard. Instead, you use the ATMs from your mobile phone or PDA. The ATM uses bluetooth to get the information from your phone or PDA (meaning, I assume that you’ll need a bluetooth-enabled device yourself). The system also may be able to deliver other things, like printing tickets or downloading MP3s as well. That’s all very nice, but will they call the police if you dial your PIN backwards?

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Comments on “Handheld Accessible ATMs”

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Michael Armstrong says:

Re: Easier?

Because Bluetooth is more secure than IR, which is incredibly snoopable. IR also bounces reasonably well.

I’ve got a TV remote that will learn any IR code you can throw at it. It would only require that I stand somewhere behind you at the ATM with the thing in learn mode. I’d pick up any IR your handheld sent. After that, I have your bank account.

At least Bluetooth has some encryption wrapped around it as part of the standard.

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