International Space Station Sucks

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Astronauts aboard the international space station say that life sucks there. It sounds as though very little thought was put into a lot of things. American appliances couldn’t plug in to Russian outlets. They didn’t have enough supplies (ran out of shampoo, had to use chili sauce to as a cleaning gel), velcro pads worked too well (everything stuck to them), a DVD player screen was too small (too small for what?), and best of all – that computer they were supposed to use to record when things broke? It broke.

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Comments on “International Space Station Sucks”

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Joe Splace says:

Designed to Suck

I am one of those people who suspect that the International Space Station is merely a cover for a money laundering operation designed to thinly veil the lining of the kleptocrats pockets in Moscow. Clinton, Gore and Bush all have some things in common — not one of them ever opposed the Space Station, or asked that the U.S. be reimbursed for even a fraction of the aid money stolen by the Russian thugs in the last few years. Tourists in space — sure, we’ll pay for that, too!

Pat Stakem says:

space station

Well, I have read the complete (yet edited) report. It is interesting to read how much on-orbit time is spent in troubleshooting, fixing, and working around problems. There seems to be a lot of problems with software, system configuration, routing, and email. They use commercial laptops, running Windows. Have we exported our problems to space? Manned on-orbit time is a VERY expensive resource – it should be used for new discoveries, not fixing old problems.

Enrique Ruiz says:

Re: space station

I worked on that hunk of crap in Kennedy Space Center. It is the most pathetic peice of just I have ever seen. The laptops the astronauts would use were some cheap ass slow processors and the bus protocol the system uses is slow. What they are sending up there is a huge storage container which will be plagued with problems and will be of little use. The reason why the program is having budget overuns is that an engineer cant do anything without having to get 50 signatures and 5 techs. And thats even to turn on a computer monitor.

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