You Really Can't Trust Anyone Online

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Last month I posted a story about how you just can’t trust anything you read online. It turns out you also can’t trust those who tell you you can’t trust anything you read online (especially if they’re online also). Salon, who had posted a story explaining why a certain plea for help wasn’t completely factual has now admitted they screwed up, and the original story, probably was more legitimate than they made it seem. All I know is that you certainly shouldn’t be trusting me. Update: Well, it seems we don’t have much to worry about because most people don’t believe everything they read online anyway. For instance, I don’t believe that study at all. I think people think they’re not supposed to believe what they read online, but they do anyway. Also, anyone else think it’s somewhat amusing that that article is sponsored by “Books to help you make money” whose name seems to be screaming “Scam!”.

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Comments on “You Really Can't Trust Anyone Online”

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1 Comment
Duffman says:


That whole study sounds like one big ad!

I recommend the article by Shelley Lowery, Increase Sales by Building Credibility, which was the June feature article. You should also read through Jakob Nielsen’s book, Designing Web Usability.

I personally think it is just an advertising vehicle. A good number of articles on the index sound like the spam I delete out of my mailbox – Study Shows You Can Increase Revenue by 56 Percent and Online Marketing ROI is Higher Than Believed. Yeah, and I can Make Money Fast – At Home!!!

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