Do AOL's Ads Add Up?

from the not-really dept

While everyone else is crying about how the online ad market has dried up, AOL claims they’re doing just fine as there’s a “flight to quality”. Fortune takes a closer look at the numbers to suggest that AOL might be pulling a few accounting tricks out of the playbook to hide how well the advertising market is really treating them. They’re accounting for a lot of deals where they’re not really getting any cash out of the deal as if they were. While it’s all completely legal, it could certainly be used as well to hide weakness in the advertising side of AOL’s business.

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Comments on “Do AOL's Ads Add Up?”

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1 Comment
xdroop (user link) says:

I don't get it.

The schools broke the law. Not even the schools are claiming otherwise. Why should schools be held to a different standard than businesses?

I agree with Microsoft when they say that schools should set the example of complying with the law, rather than merely breaking it when it becomes ‘inconvenient’.

All this is pushing schools to investigate cheaper alternatives, which in the long run is good for their students and for the entire free software community.

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