New Privacy Bill Leaves Companies Confused

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Yesterday when I went to my page I couldn’t view my usual portfolio of stocks I follow until I reviewed Yahoo’s privacy policy first. I thought this was a bit odd. Today I got an email from PayPal saying I needed to review their privacy policies. It seems that everyone is suddenly make their users review their privacy policies to get into compliance with a new law. Of course, this isn’t doing anything useful – it’s just confusing users.

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Comments on “New Privacy Bill Leaves Companies Confused”

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1 Comment
Brandon (user link) says:

its not just online

You’ve probably been receiving a large number of printed privacy policies from various places such as your banks, credit cards, insurance companies, etc. Those might be more interesting, but so far they basically all say: we know things about you, you told us some of it, we looked other bits up, we won’t tell anyone unless we get your permission, or they are our business partner, etc

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