Microsoft Turning Off Office

from the oops dept

When Microsoft said that they were going to use an anti-piracy system that would guarantee that you couldn’t copy their software from one computer to another, some people got scared that problems would be caused if they made some change in the configuration to their own computer. Microsoft said that such things wouldn’t be a problem. Apparently, they were wrong – and to the wrong person at the wrong time. David Coursey’s version of Microsoft Office is threatening to stop working for him just as he’s left for a business trip, with no way to get the CD-ROM it’s suddenly requiring. Is it really a surprise that the software doesn’t work as well as Microsoft said it would?

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Comments on “Microsoft Turning Off Office”

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Duffman says:


I would be just as pissed as he is. Does Microsoft expect everyone to carry around their copy of Office with them 24/7, just in case they ‘make a major configuration change’? I would be especially unimpressed, knowing how I like to tinker with my machine when I don’t have a lot to do. I bet they don’t even define what a ‘major configuration change’ is – as the author of the article finds out, it could really be anything – it’s all up to Microsoft.

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