Minesweeper Is Offensive

from the oh,-come-on dept

Apparently, some group is suddenly finding Minesweeper (yes, that silly free game that Microsoft includes with Windows) to be offensive to victims of mines and those who risk their lives sweeping mines. I’m not exactly sure how it’s “offensive”, but the group wants Microsoft to replace the game with something they call “Winflower” (who knew these offended mine sweepers were a bunch of hippies?). The rest of the article points out that maybe this will get the writer’s addicted mother to give up her 3 hours a day habit of playing minesweeper. I have to admit, when I got my first Windows PC I got pretty addicted to Minesweeper until I woke up one morning staring at my beeping alarm clock trying to figure out which button on the top had the mine under it. That’s about the point I gave the game up.

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