When Will Things Get Better?

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Red Herring went out and spoke to 66 so-called experts to find out when things were going to get better, and the majority of them seemed to indicate that it should be in about six months. What’s funny is that if you go back any amount of time, people seem to be predicting it’ll take six months. That seems to be the easiest amount of time to predict, without the real threat of ever being called on the prediction. However, when things do start going well again, I’m sure these same analysts will make it well known that they correctly “predicted” the economic upswing.

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Comments on “When Will Things Get Better?”

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Duffman says:

Mike you're right

Of course. It’s exactly like you pointed out in the old article linked to – six months is enough time for the analysts to fade into the woodwork and have people forget their crazy predictions if they don’t work out, unless they keep broadcasting it over and over. I expect that the ‘experts’ won’t be calling for recovery by Christmas if things aren’t looking so healthy in August.

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