MSNBC Changes WSJ Story About Microsoft

from the questionable-choices dept

The Wall Street Journal syndicates some of its stories to MSNBC. We’ve even posted some of those stories here (as it’s one of the few ways to see WSJ stories without having to pay). However, I never realized that the folks at MSNBC went on to further edit those stories and occasionally change their content. In fact, last week, they apparently changed a story concerning Microsoft (one of their owners) to make it more favorable to Microsoft. They’ve since changed it back, but it does bring up questions about the seperation between the journalism side and the business side of things. Update: As pointed out in the comment below, this story is wrong. In fact, the MSNBC version was just an earlier version of the story that did appear in the WSJ, and MSNBC made no edits to it whatsoever.

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