Explanation For x10 Ads Being Included In Traffic Numbers

from the ridiculous-concepts dept

I already complained about the ridiculousness of including the x10 pop up ads in site traffic studies, and apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought it did a disservice to use those results. News.com has an article about people who think it’s misleading, but they also include a response from Jupiter Media Metrix, who released the results. They say they understand why people are upset, but the x10 ads are “part of the surfing experience” and thus should be included. Of course, before this they never counted how many times specific ads that were within a page were shown – and those definitely were part of the surfing experience as well. All this does is (1) create more incentive for people to do annoying pop up ads and (2) give advertisers additional reasons to make them worse. Hell, x10 would be at the top of the list if each ad popped up two or three or ten pop up windows… I’ve always avoided turning off javascript because I think, in general, it is useful to have it on. I may have been pushed over the edge with these pop ups.

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Comments on “Explanation For x10 Ads Being Included In Traffic Numbers”

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NI says:

Re: Use Opera

I just love how people continue to justify other products as being ‘not Microsoft’, even when the Microsoft version is actually better.

Way to live by the old “best tool for the job” axiom that so many of you trumpet ad nauseum. This may or may not apply directly to the person I’m responding to (and if not, I am wrong for generalizing), but the open source ‘movement’ is a benchmark example of hypocrisy.

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