New Palm Keyboard

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Here’s yet another attempt at making a keyboard for a palm device. This one is sort of a mini keyboard. I’m not sure if this beats the fold out keyboard that many people use, though it is a bit smaller. I still want to be able to just type in the air (or on a desk, or wall, or whatever) and have my keystrokes automatically transmitted to the handheld device. When is that coming?

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Comments on “New Palm Keyboard”

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Nabeel says:

Re: japan has all the goodies

What your referring to (with the keyboard) is a Sanyo (or was it Samsung) product.. and it’s coming to the US this year (and it’ll be running Linux when it’s the US).

As for full internet access, you can get that through PDAs right now — try the Handspring with a VisorPhone and use Handspring’s Blazer browser, full internet. (no WAP crap) — it ain’t fast, but it us available.

Brandon says:

Re: Re: japan has all the goodies

The problem with WAP or even the VisorPhone, is that it requires a phone call… and especially on
these little devices, you spend a great deal more
time looking/scrolling/typing than you actually spend downloading information, which means paying by the minute for the connection is ridiculous, not to mention the huge set-up time for making the connection.

The DoCoMo phones I looked at in Japan didn’t seem to have this problem. Hence, people were more likely to do some quick lookup, etc.

I’ll have to look for it when it comes to the states… but since I never use my palm anymore …

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