Suck And Feed Are Gone

from the too-bad dept

I remember when it was pretty much a part of being on the web that meant you had to read Suck daily. I was never as big a fan of Feed, but the few articles I did read there were all pretty good. I stopped reading Suck a few years ago when it seemed to get too smart for its own good – and that was the same thing I felt about when it finally launched. Of course, I never really cared much that there was apparently now a single company behind the three – but it becomes important now. Automatic Media has decided to shut down the sites (I won’t even comment on the fact that struggling content site Salon is writing an obituary about dead content sites Suck and Feed). Plastic will apparently remain as a volunteer project. I don’t see why Suck can’t either. It can’t be hard to find one person each day to write something for Suck. To be honest, I’m not sure I ever understood why they thought they could create a business out of Suck. It always seemed like the epitome of a side project.

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