Get A PhD In Chess And Artificial Intelligence

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Okay, so chess and artificial intelligence certainly do go well together, but now you’ll be able to get a combined doctorate in both subjects. Of course, that’s only if you can pass their “grandmaster entrance exam”. The school, by the way, is in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Comments on “Get A PhD In Chess And Artificial Intelligence”

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1 Comment
Puzzled says:

Chess and AI

Why do you think that chess and AI go well together? Just because people have tried to do chess playing programs doesn’t mean there is a good fit! The worship of chess playing is an entirely bogus piece of intellectual nonsense.
If people were *really* interested in AI then they would study poker much more than they have. But, oops, it’s hard, better not do that.

And as someone said, asking if machines are intelligent is liking if submarines can swim – just the wrong question.

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