Last Mover Advantage

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Well, now that we’ve made it through the dot com bubble burst and companies are trying to see who’s going to last it out and be considered “survivors”, is it any surprise that a new set of buzzwords are appearing? This is the fist time I’ve heard anyone say that they had a “Last Mover Advantage”. Of course, to me, that basically sounds like you’re saying that you were lucky. You didn’t take any chances, and you just let others figure out your market for you. Yes, some “last movers” will win because first movers took too many chances, but it certainly doesn’t suggest that you’re particularly smart or visionary when it comes to making business decisions. Of course, you could also take the concept of the last mover advantage to its logical conclusion suggesting that you should always wait, because someone else is always going to come after you and make additional mistakes that you can learn from.

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