From A Big Media Company To A Small One And Back Again

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A column from a Time Magazine reporter who left Time to go work for a small internet content company, lasted six months, and then came back. He attempts to give the lessons he learned which can basically be summarized as “just like any other dot com story you’ve already read”, but that doesn’t make a great article, so he makes a big show of explaining why his situation was different. Why? Because in his case he hated his stupid management. Of course, just about every dot commer you talk to hated his or her stupid management, so I don’t really see how this story is all that different. I guess everyone wants to believe that their story is special.

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Comments on “From A Big Media Company To A Small One And Back Again”

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1 Comment
Sven says:

He made one good point

The only thing he got right was when he acknowledged his own pomposity. Beyond that, he sounds like a world-class jackoff. For example, his suggestion that he made a better website in Frontpage. Without seeing either site, I can tell that he’s full of ‘it. Nothing made in Frontpage is better than anything, even a site that displays nothing but PHP errors.

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