Dot Com Depressed

from the not-so-surprising dept

Yet another story about all these dot commers who are now more depressed than ever thanks to the dot come downturn. Apparently many are feeling a sense of loss (for those millions of dollars they never had anyway) or a sense of failure (for not getting rich, apparently, rather than for not building something real and sustainable). It’s good to see that no matter what’s going on in Silicon Valley, psychologists will figure out a way to profit off of it.

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Comments on “Dot Com Depressed”

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1 Comment
xdroop (user link) says:

Not the first time

Oh come on. This isn’t anywhere near the first time something like this has happened. Fiction masquerading as fact has appeared all over the media, and the ‘weblog’ community is no exception — I can remember one incident where a young female asian web-diarist turned out to be a white male. And you can bet that with the incestuous “diary” community, there is self-imposed pressure to “improve” the correspondant’s life to make it more interesting to the readers.

I think you took the wrong angle with this story. You want the “hey hey, those crazy diarists have been suckered again by one of their own” angle rather than the bewildered “won’t someone please think of the children?” Mrs. Lovejoy angle.

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