The Fight For The Top Of Your TV

from the it's-war dept

Is it possible that the personal video recorder (PVR) revolution is finally happening? There have been articles about this that show up every couple of months for the last few years, and they all say the same thing: PVRs are cool, and everyone who uses them seems to love them. However, not too many people actually buy them, because they’re too expensive or something like that. Now, however new entrants are coming in to the game (in this case Microsoft, and the reborn Replay). One day, one of these articles will probably be right, but no one has made a really good argument for why.

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Comments on “The Fight For The Top Of Your TV”

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1 Comment
kevin (profile) says:


I’ve had tivo for over a year and I have to say its a tiny god. It still has one very serious problem which is it cannot record two programs at once or you cant record one and watch another at the same time. Since I live alone this isnt much of a problem, but for a family this would be a disaster- you would be watching something and then tivo would interrupt and ask if it can change the channel to pokemon for your little brother.

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