Great Baseball Rivalries Due To EverQuest Grudges

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Found this one over at Geekpress and it’s quite odd (but I always enjoy mixing technology and baseball stories). Apparently, the reason that Doug Glanville hit two home runs off Curt Schilling a couple of weeks ago was because he was pissed off that Schilling killed one of his characters during an EverQuest game. No, this is apparently not a joke. Glanville goes so far as to claim that more research needs to be done on the effect of video game rivalries on real life baseball matchups. “Not enough attention is paid to the off-the-field motivators that create nasty on-field grudges. I believe video atrocities top the list. I’m of the theory that this could be a key explanation as to why some players have tremendous success against certain other players.” I’ve already checked and apparently this is not an April Fools joke that came out late.

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Comments on “Great Baseball Rivalries Due To EverQuest Grudges”

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former EQ player says:

Get real

I read the article, they’re basically talking about a newbie moment in a newbie area and schilling didn’t actually kill his friend, he got himself killed by not watching his health. It’s not like they were at the end of the game, battling some boss for an epic weapon, no they were fighting level 1 and 2 creatures. Maybe he should give himself credit for being a good player instead of blaming a video game for his skill. This story is too odd. I would never give credit to a video game for real life actions.

fusion says:

Re: Get real

yaa you are right GET …..they talking about newbie moment in a newbie area and yaaa schilling did not kill his friend… he killed himself …….very nice article .. very interesting . i just love it thanks for sharing ..


Something that everybody seems to forget is that you just need to look back at history and you will so that it has all been done before. Look at EverQuest, it is still going strong with the same game play from the past. Does anybody think that it really matters.
EQ2 Plat—EQ2 Plat

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