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from the time-to-fix-the-I/O dept

An article over at MIT’s Technology Review talking about how input and output devices need to improve if wireless broadband access is ever really going to be useful. Of course, that assumes people wouldn’t ever use wireless broadband for stationary computers, but it’s a good point for mobile computing. So they discuss different trends in displays, keyboards, and other input methods (such as voice recognition) to make portable devices both more portable and more usable at the same time. The basic problem is that for it to be truly mobile, devices have to get smaller and smaller. But to be truly useful, they have to have more and more features. The combination of these two factors don’t work well together – but people are definitely working on a variety of solutions. I can’t wait until the concept of having a huge “box” for a computer is looked at as being as silly as needing an entire room for a computer.

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