Birds Copying Ring Tones

from the no,-this-has-to-be-a-joke,-right? dept

I really am not sure I believe this one. The folks at the Register seemed pretty skeptical, but everyone insists it’s true. Apparently, birds in Denmark have been heard copying the various ringtones they hear from cell phones. So, how long until the music industry goes after the birds for copyright infringement?

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Comments on “Birds Copying Ring Tones”

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Rootman says:

I have heard it too.

My bro-in-law has had various birds that did this, along with mocking my sis-in-laws tweetering silly laugh, gameshow sounds (anyone want to hear the Wheel of Fortune wheel click for hours on end??), regualer electronic phone rings – which is really hilarious when he hangs the birds cage on the patio and all the neighbors in his condo rush inside to “answer the phone” when the bird starts “ringing”.

Iain C (user link) says:


When a few years ago my mother moved to the Isle of Skye, her new home had an outside ringer extension so she could hear the phone while gardening.

Over the course of a summer as we did the place up, we were continual deceived by starlings into answering a phone that wasn’t ringing; the accuracy with which they mimicked the ringer was amazing.

It wasn’t until we actually unplugged it and it seemed to keep ringing that we figured out what was happening…

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