Buying Swimsuits Online

from the no-mirrors dept

This seeemed fitting as even in California the heat is closing in on “sweltering” for the day. Now that summer is approaching useful e-commerce columns explain how to buy a bathing suit online. Of course, the article reviews the experience at three different stores, and the one that had the best experience didn’t result in the best bathing suit. The one that had the most expensive bathing suit, but the least customer friendly offering seems to have resulted in the best bathing suit. So, an admittedly small sample size, but it suggests that you should give up waiting for a good customer experience, and instead just pay up the big bucks for something from Victoria’s Secret (if you’re female, that is – if you’re a guy, you might still want to go check out the pictures at their site). There is, of course, also the possibility that the writer just did this so she could claim the cost of an expensive bathing suit as an “expense”.

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