Replying To Spam

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Ever get the least bit curious by some of the spam that you get? Think that maybe one out of the thousands clogging your mailbox are worth reading? Think again. A reporter responded to a bunch of spam he got recently and found that every one of them was a scam of some sort. What I want to know is how many people actually respond to spam? Obviously it must be enough to keep spammers spamming away at an ever increasing rate, but at some point even stupid people have to learn to ignore spam. Right? Please?

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Comments on “Replying To Spam”

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Ryan says:

Re: Re: Spam

Out of interest I occasionally follow up and reply to spammers just to investigate (knowing all along that it is of course a scam). I really do wonder who exactly is sending money to these spammers? There’s never any accountability or substance in any of the cases I’ve played around with so what would motivate any one to believe them? Has anyone out there ever been conned by a particularly good spammer?

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