Forget The Dot Coms: MBAs Look To Shrimp Harvesting

from the changing-priorities dept

Want a sign of the times? MBA students entering business plan competitions aren’t pitching dot coms any more. Instead, they’re pitching much more “old economy” ideas like a shrimp harvesting and delivery company. Actually, what’s amusing is that when I was getting my MBA (just prior to the dot com craze) some of my classmates actually did try to go off and start some sort of shrimp farm in Belize after writing a business plan for it in an entrepreneurship class. I never realized the shrimp business was so important to MBA students. But, it definitely shows that the students aren’t just focused on dot coms. They’re getting back to important things like shrimp.

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Comments on “Forget The Dot Coms: MBAs Look To Shrimp Harvesting”

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Jack Graham (user link) says:

dogfucking MBA wonks

Old economy? Not exactly… Shrimp farming, particularly in Belize, may not be New Economy in the dotcom sense of the term, but it definitely fits with the new paradigm of globalization. It’s a nasty, exploitive business that gets foreign investors fat while giving little or nothing back to the locals. It’s the kind of thing people got tear-gassed in Seattle over.
One thing’s for sure about the dotcom boom: for once, it was stupid rich people getting bent over a dumpster, rather than undernourished brown people in far-off lands.
Nice to see our MBAs are back on the ball.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: dogfucking MBA wonks

Well, I know next to nothing about shrimp farming in New Jersey, Belize, or anywhere, but I do know something about painting with a pretty broard brush. 🙂

Ok, come on, give us some links to educate us…

You can’t just make a statement like that and leave us (especially those of us who *knew* the folks who started the Belize shrimp farming concern) in the dark. I want to find out what these guys were doing to those Belizeian shrimp farmers.

And… on a personal note, I don’t think it’s fair to assume that all MBAs are dogfucking wonks. I think studies have been shown the % of dogfucking MBA wonks has been dropping in recent years.

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