Yet Another Silicon Valley Documentary

from the oh-no,-not-again dept

So, let’s see, there’s Center of the World which is a movie about a dot commer obsessed with a stripper, there’s, a documentary following the rise and fall of GovWorks, there’s an unnamed documentary about, and now, we find out there’s a documentary about the Secrets of Silicon Valley. Mostly it looks like this is about the immigrants that are used to put together high tech products, in contrast to all the hype, attention, and money the khaki-clad dot commers made. I think people are already tired of hearing about Silicon Valley, and this self-pity stuff probably isn’t going to help much.

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Comments on “Yet Another Silicon Valley Documentary”

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1 Comment
Joe says:

How’s about a documentary on the Silicon Valley about the Silicon Valley, not some self-absorbed movie about people struggling to get ahead — or someone elses point of view of the silicon valley. I just want to see facts, thats all.

Im not tired of hearing about the location if i hear about something worth hearing about. Make me give a fuck about this place.

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