What's Next For Microsoft?

from the probably-not-what-they're-thinking dept

A reporter from the Red Herring talks with Microsoft’s Craig Mundie. While the conversation is supposed to be about what Microsoft is going to be doing in the next few years, the reporter spends more time just trashing the concept of web services. He suggests that it’s been tried before, and no one wanted it, and there’s no reason to believe that Microsoft (or anyone else for that matter) will get it right this time. After that, he finally gets down to what Mr. Mundie sees as the future of Microsoft and the answer is… well, he can’t tell us. But, it’ll be cool. No, really… It might be something sort like Napster, but pen computing is really cool too. This is what all the hype in the article was about? Some folks at Microsoft are playing around with different technologies, and won’t tell us about it, and that’s worthy of an article?

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