Post Office Selling Lost Packages On eBay

from the dead-letter-office-or-eBay? dept

If you were the US Postal Service, and every day packages could not be delivered (or returned) what would you do? You’d probably head over to eBay and put them up for sale, which is exactly what the Postal Service is doing. Of course, not everyone is happy about it. They tend to think the Postal Service should try a bit harder to deliver the lost packages. If they start making enough money, the Postal Service suddenly might have a little more incentive to “accidentally” lose packages.

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Comments on “Post Office Selling Lost Packages On eBay”

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1 Comment
Thom Land says:

Lost pkges

When the package is mailed at the original Post Office, the agent at that location, should identify both address’s; From and too lines. If both lines are filled out and a clear tape put on both address’s to prevent smudging of these two lines, there should not be any lost packages.

Why is this happening?

Mr. Thom

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