Interactive TV Arguments

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A response to some predictions about interactive TV from MIT’s Tech Review. The writer points out that most people who are talking about interactive TV are obviously not television lovers. They come up with all sorts of ideas that really make no sense for people who actually watch TV. They talk about shorter shows, and the ability to stop a show to buy what Ally McBeal is wearing. This response, however, points out how ridiculous that is, and how interactive TV should simply enhance the way people already watch TV, rather than changing the experience completely.

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Comments on “Interactive TV Arguments”

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1 Comment
james says:

Interactive TV Article

I totally agree with what you are saying and the fact is these people pitching interactive tv can’t create quality programming to enhance our viewing experience.

Have you seen the Star Wars Video News show on the web at the that was labeled as an example of convergence programming. How does this work? It is supplemental to a regular broadcast… If you are watching Entertainment Tonight and hear something about Star Wars, then you can go to a program like this that deals with that nature. Wow, I just got what I wanted to see… Let’s find out about Lord of the Rings?

What people do not understand about interactive tv is it needs to deliver viable content almost directly to the end user. Selling the cloth’s and stuff while watching a show isn’t necessarily going to work…

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