Are MEMS The Next Big Thing

from the possibly dept

Forbes has discovered MEMS technology and because they’re desperate to have something technology related to hype, they’re going all out with this one. They basically admit that, and point out that they’ve “missed out” on the whole MEMS things because they’ve been focused on the internet. I just hope this doesn’t mean that we’re now going to have a MEMS bubble, and six different magazines about the MEMS business.

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Comments on “Are MEMS The Next Big Thing”

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1 Comment
Ryan says:

MEMS Bubble

MEMS are going to be pretty hot (in the cash making sense) but they’ll be used in some pretty unsexy applications. I remember doing a little research on them a year or two ago when I was doing my thesis on nanomedicine. They can potentially be put to great use in the human body but first they’ll probably be used for much simpler applications (i.e. airbags and optical routers).

In terms of bubbles I think we will always been locked into the bubble forming cycle and then the inevitable shake out. Some great companies were created during the internet bubble but so were a lot of crap ones but happily darwinism worked its magic!

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