MIT To Post Almost All Class Materials Online For Free

from the cool dept

Wasn’t everyone just saying that the “free lunch” on the internet was over and now everyone was going to charge? I guess MIT didn’t get the memo. They’ve decided to put all their course material online for free, accessible to anyone. Personally, I think this is a great idea. It’s not like a student is going to decide not to go to MIT because he can download the material himself. It will also generate more discussion, and could lead to much better ideas. I’m glad that the folks at MIT didn’t just have simple short-sighted dollar signs in their eyes, and realized that longer term this could help raise MIT’s stature even higher.

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Comments on “MIT To Post Almost All Class Materials Online For Free”

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1 Comment
Chris says:


This is great for home schooling. My 9th grade son is taking Stanford computer science courses and MIT physics courses from entertaining and knowledgeable professors. Who cares about credit! I suspect that he will want to attend one of these institutions when the time comes to make a decision.

Maybe this is part of a solution to our pathetic public secondary education system in the US.

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