NorthPoint DSL Customers To Get Screwed Over

from the bye-bye-DSL dept

When Northpoint declared bankruptcy a month or so ago, I spoke to a VP at my DSL ISP, Megapath and asked him what that meant to me. He assured me that Megapath was putting in place “contingency plans”. What he didn’t say was that those contingency plans involved throwing a lot of money at Northpoint hoping they’d keep the network going until they could move me to Covad or Rhythms. Northpoint has turned down the offer, and I should be losing my DSL connection in the next few hours. What I want to know is why the plan to move everyone over to other providers wasn’t initiated when Northpoint first declared bankruptcy? If anyone is concerned, Techdirt isn’t hosted here, so the loss of DSL won’t effect it at all.

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Comments on “NorthPoint DSL Customers To Get Screwed Over”

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Clous says:

DSL/Cable Modem, Etc.

I keep telling everyone the bandwith problem keeps getting worse and not better. Bandwith to the home, that is. More evidence here.

My Cable Modem provider was purchased by AT&T, who really messed it up. Then AT&T was going to let the whole thing go under and I think @Home stepped in and saved the day. However, I can’t get connected to this, its a big hassle I don’t have time for….I’ve tryed getting through cust service, what a bummer. Forget it. So I’ve given up. Screw the cable modem. And this is in Palo Alto, the center of Silicon Valley. Now I dial in on the 56.6 through Earthlink, and just to check email (and read techdirt of course) at that. My online habits have changed quite a bit, actually. At work I do more bandwith intensive stuff. But at home I’ve cut out my internet-leisure activities. I’d rather read a book or a newspaper. I’ve gone back to calling travel agents instead of booking online.

So while infrastructure problems get solved at the carrier level, access to the home gets worse.
I think this will slow the growth rates quite a bit, and make those overly optimistic consultant projections even sillier.

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