The New Economy Way To Say You're Sorry

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An amusing article from the UK about how the “new economy” has changed the way companies say they’re sorry they screwed up. The article gives examples of brutal honesty from CEOs in their annual reports – explaining how they screwed up in the new economy, and how they’re moving on.

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Comments on “The New Economy Way To Say You're Sorry”

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1 Comment
Ed says:

The "New Economy" Difference

I’m sure that many entrepreneuers have reached a point where they have had to admit “this business won’t work; there’s no point in continuing it.” In that past, that admission wouldn’t have appeared in an annual report and wouldn’t have affected anyone but the employees and a few private investors because the company wouldn’t have been taken public yet. Something has been seriously broken that allows entities to go public when it’s far from clear that they are viable, continuing businesses. IMHO, that should not be possible.

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