Begging For Money Online

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There have been stories in the past about homeless people who have used the web to get some money and get things fixed up in their lives. Now, however, are stories of just normal folks who felt like begging for money online just for the fun of it (well, and the money). Apparently, a bit of charm and a sense of humor helps. The real beggers, though, are apparently thought of as frauds.

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Comments on “Begging For Money Online”

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David LeClaire (user link) says:

Need Help, This is no Joke or Fraud!!

August 14, 2001

To Whom it May Concern,

I thought you might be able to help Tammy and I, because no one seems to want to.

Tammy and I opened up a School for Adult learning in the Information Technology Industry specializing in Certification (MCSE, CCNA, A+, etc..). What makes our school Career Tech; stand out is that we combine Accelerated Learning Techniques to the student’s computer training (eg. PhotoReading, Mind Mapping, NLP and Hemi-Sync music).

Now the rest of the story;

I was working for a company by the name of TechSkills, which I was one of their first three employees and helped them grow to where they are today. They would not now what part I had in that because my direct manager stole all of my ideas and masked the real driving force. On March 2, 2000(my 30th birthday) I was fired from my job because I testified for a women at our branch that was being sexually harrased by the “manager”. So on March 6, 2000 I incorporated Career Tech and began putting things together, on April 28th I entered the facility that had been occupied by a training company that was going out of business, we had hardly any money but they were willing to sell me all their equipment and sub lease their space out to me which was fully equipped so it took hardly any effort to get up and running. I would not have opened so quickly but because they were looking to pack it all up and send it back to Ohio I had to move quickly.

The reason why I didn’t want to open so quickly is because I was scheduled to get married, on the 19th of May (yes, my employer not only fired me on my birthday but also 2 and 1/2 months before I was to get married). On May 11th only 8 days before Tammy and I were to be wed we opened, which was fine because I was to be only gone a week and I had everything operational.

While Tammy and I were on our honeymoon, my ex-company served me with a notice that they were taking me to court over a non-compete, non-disclosure agreement which I didn’t think would hold up in court because the EEOC (which I had filed a case with) had determined that I was fired illegally and awarded me $29,880. However the case stuck and I was order to have no contact with Career Tech until September 5, 2000, that was on the 9th of June, so for three months I wasn’t able to even enter the company. When July came around I was just about bankrupt so I entered the school and sold around 50,000 dollars worth of training, which enabled the company to pay most of its debts to date. Now, had I known that my ex-company had hired a private Eye to follow me I would not had gone in, but because I did my ex-company took me back to court on contempt charges and I was given additional time on the Temporary Restraining Order, I was forced to pay all their legal charges and the private eye charges.

While going through all that I hired an attorney by the name of Judith Pinchar who was handling the letter of right to sue from the EEOC in which she had 90 days to file, so in talking to her she informed me that everything was being taken care of. However what I leaned when it was to late was that my attorney was suspended and did NOT file the suit and I LOST my letter of right to sue.

Never the less I was still in business and stayed focused on my marketing plan and began to build the company. In doing so I have signed up over one-hundred students to date, but I have had “114” denied a student loan to attend because most where to young (18 or 19 years old) to have established credit and their parents couldn’t assist them either. In March of next year Career Tech will be able to get involved with the Title 4 program that would allow these students to attend but until then we can not get subsidized. We will also be able to accept the Montgomery G.I. Bill, which cost the school 97,000 dollars in tuition because they were not able to access it. Over 700,000 dollars to date…

When everything began to get to hectic, making many follow up calls and sometimes as many as 15 tours/counseling a day I made the mistake of signing on with an advertising agency by the name of Bast Advertising to handle my marketing and they crumbled my business. My phones stopped rigging, they went over budget, they advertised on the wrong stations, etc… Now I learned that Bast Advertising is down to Steve Bast the owner and no one else??? Not to big of a shock.

So now I need financial assistance.

I have been working with non-profit organization in Madison by the name of Income Builder International ( but all they can do for me is help me to raise the 3.5 million I will need to be able to open up 6 additional branches and have to working capital to make them highly profitable. But that doesn’t help my short-term needs. What I’m looking for is 300,000 dollars to get my marketing campaign back into place, hire on the necesary staff needed to handle all the calls and tour individuals interested in attending the school.

I’m willing to offer anyone interested in helping me a “12%” return on his or her investment or a fantastic stock offering when I put all the legalities of it together.

Our school is located at 2514 S. 102 Street, Ste #340 West Allis, Wisconsin 414-336-1080 I have only until the 16th of August and I have to go to court again because my landlord is trying to get me effected, if that happens Tammy and I will be ruined and the hundred and so student will have to stop their education process and I will be sued and sued and sued. We will never be able to own a thing and everything we have built together to this point will be stripped from us.

The worst part about it is that the program works. Currently we have a 93% success rate on the certification exams for the students that take it for the first time and a 100% success rate overall and no student has taken the exam more than twice.

If you can help save our lives or you know anyone who can, please HELP!!!!


David LeClaire

nicole says:

help with bills

i need help paying my rent -electric- and car payment
i have been laid off and am looking for another job
my bills are do and i have tried banks and payday loans and no one wants to help my family cant help they live paycheck to paycheck i dont know what to do why do banks only lend to rich people i have worked for everything i have and now that i am struggling i cant find any help i am not asking for a lot of money only $1,165 to pay my bills that need paid for 1 month i am getting ready to try and sell personal property just to make ends meet until i can find another job if anyone knows someone who can help please email me at
thank you and i hope everyones lucky at receiveing what they need

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