Just Wait Two More Quarters

from the disturbing-trends dept

Anyone else notice the following trend? It seems that most analysts for the past two quarters or so have been saying that the slowdown will last two quarters and then start to rebound – and they’re still “long term bullish”. This seems like the perfect ass-covering position. First off, it sounds more or less positive, so it makes people happy. People think they can survive two quarters of downturn. Second, it’s just long enough that people will forget who made those predictions two quarters from now (especially if right before that, the analysts comes out and again predicts only two more quarters – without making reference to his or her earlier predictions). So, here’s the official Techdirt prediction: analysts will keep predicting whatever they want as they try to make their customers happy and make a name for themselves. A few of them will be right, but that won’t make them any smarter. Just lucky.

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