That's How You Take Back The Net?

from the oh-please dept

I’ve received a few messages about Michael Tchong’s plan to Take Back The Net and I have to laugh. I wonder if anyone will actually take this seriously. His idea is that on some day in the near future we’re all supposed to boycott brick and mortar stores and instead buy something online, as well as buying a few shares of stock in some pure play dot com. That’s supposed to signal to Wall Street that we all believe in the internet. I think Tchong is realizing that his brief bit of internet-hyping fame may be ending and desperation is the only way to keep it going. If you really want to “take back” the internet, why not create something really cool and useful, or a business that actually makes money instead of supporting overhyped money-sucking operations? Besides, I’m not really sure we need to “take back” anything. The internet appears to be working just fine for me.

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Comments on “That's How You Take Back The Net?”

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1 Comment
u2604ab says:

Take back the net!

When I first read the phrase “Take back the net” I thought it was a campaign by a real retrogrouch who wanted to return the web to it’s pre-commercial, pre-dot-com days, when people were on the net ’cause they thought it was cool vs. being on the net to become super-rich.

Turns out this guy just wants the net to go back to the days when it makes people super rich.

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