The Microsoft Case Hurt Everyone

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Michael Malone is apparently trying to say that the economic downturn was caused by the Microsoft case. Seems like a bit of a stretch, but he suggests that the government’s original victory really helped to just make things worse for consumers. He also goes on to point out that Microsoft is now struggling getting into new markets (much like people predicted they would) and maybe we should just let market forces do what they do to cause Microsoft problems.

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Comments on “The Microsoft Case Hurt Everyone”

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Ed says:

Freedom to Innovate

[For some reason today’s techdirt topics compel me to post… but not an empty post; damned default Submit button.]

It sounds like he’s bought the whole “Freedom to Innovate” concept from Microsoft hook, line, and sinker. Isn’t it practically a foregone conclusion that the benefit to antitrust action happens in the long term, not the short term? Free or near-free Windows might seem great until every box in the land is running nothing but Microsoft software and connecting to only Microsoft web sites, and there’s nobody left to offer an alternative. Breaking up Standard Oil probably didn’t help short term oil prices, but was that not a good thing in retrospect?

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