Fax It Up: The Latest In 3D Printing

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Business 2.0 has a fun article describing the latest developments in 3D printing. I still think there’s a bit of overhype going on with some of these devices, but if they can really be used to (somewhat) rapidly print up useful things, how can you complain? The article discusses using them to “send” designs of important parts to space. The printers are a bit on the expensive side these days (starting around $150,000), but they may get cheaper. Now, if you want to get into an intellectual property argument that puts the Napster one to shame, what happens when we can all start “printing” tangible goods? I can’t wait for the Napster-like products that allow people to share furniture design or clothing designs or anything else which can then be immediately printed out.

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Comments on “Fax It Up: The Latest In 3D Printing”

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Ryan says:

Re: No Subject Given

This really is the future, I’ve been getting excited about this technology for a while but it doesn’t seem like it’s too accessible to the consumer market yet (I know oakley have been using these type of printers for rapid prototyping for at least a year or two). I’ll love printing out napsterised goods, have you seen my latest graphics accelertor, I printed it myself! 😉

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