Customer Service On The Web Sucks

from the pay-people-more dept

Here’s a column by a guy who had plenty of trouble dealing with Webvan customer service (they kept calling to reschedule the delivery and eventually just didn’t show up at all). His thoughts on the matter are that e-commerce companies simply aren’t paying much attention (or money) to customer service. The theory is that if companies thought customer service was more important, they’d pay their customer service reps more and hold them to a higher standard.

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Comments on “Customer Service On The Web Sucks”

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1 Comment
Heather says:

My webvan experience

I personally had a very different experience with Webvan. Their drivers were extremly friendly and helpful (they don’t take any tip too), the scheduling was never a problem (in fact I am fascinated by their powerful logistical system), and I was also happy with the quality of the (fresh) food. Especially if you often need the same and don’t have time for groceries, I guess Webvan really is a step forward. I just hope they will be around for some more time.

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